Financial Information


Cotswold House Care Home accepts both Local Authority and privately funded residents.
People's care needs vary considerably and private weekly fees are therefore based on our assessment of an Individuals care needs and the accommodation they will occupy.  The private fees include most toiletries, hairdressing if required, chiropody and daily newspapers.  Please enquire with the Nurse Manager or a Director for a fee estimate prior to assessment.        

All inclusive option

The Home operates an all inclusive option for those residents funded by the Local Authority.  For a small additional weekly fee, most toiletries, hairdressing (with the exception of perms and colouring), daily newspapers and Chiropody services can be provided.

Additional charges/Itemised Billing scheme

These charges are additional to the weekly fees where a resident is funded by Social Services, and has not elected the all inclusive option, or where the items are not included in the private fees or the all inclusive option.
Please contact the Administration Office for an up to date list of these charges.  Items charged separately are:
Escort duties
Trips and Specialised Activities                                 
Visitors’ meals           
Other Items                                                                

Funded Nursing Care Information

Funded Nursing Care is a benefit that can be claimed from the Primary Care Trust for any resident that requires nursing care, whether their placement is self funded or Local Authority funded.
Assessments can be carried out before admission to the home whilst a resident is in hospital or after admission when a resident’s nursing needs have increased over time.
For Local Authority funded residents, the benefit is paid directly to the home from Gloucestershire County Council and is included within the normal fee level.
From the 1st April 2010 there are currently two levels of FNC for self funding residents.  The first is £108.70 per week and the high level is £149.60 per week.
Where a resident receives FNC contributions, these payments are made directly to the home.  The structure of the transaction is that the home invoices Social Services for the monthly amount and they in turn pass that credit onto ourselves.  This FNC contribution will go towards the increased nursing care and extra specialist equipment that will be required.

Continuing Health Care Funding

Continuing Health Care Funding is awarded to residents whose nursing needs are very high.  This is assessed by the Primary Care Trust and if they believe a resident is eligible, the PCT will meet the full cost of the fees.